About Stoker’s Kindling

Stoker’s Kindling is a mixture of softwoods which is both air and oven dried.
The Kindling is split into 180mm slender clean pieces which gives optimum fire lighting capability for an Open Fire, Log Burner, Stove, Fire Pit etc, has a moisture content of less than 12% and has no toxic additives – paint etc.
Our kindling sacks and boxes contain the same amount of kindling – over 500 pieces (just under 2 cubic feet of timber) giving approximately 9kg of kindling per sack which will last for a full month.
Sack size: 14”/350mm diameter x 28”/700mm height
Packed Box: 81c x 24cm x 19cm






For the most efficient way to set a fire just add a handful of kindling (approximately 20 pieces) on top of loosely scrunched newspaper then place your main fuel on top to give a rapid roaring fire in less than 5 minutes.

  • Place in lightly scrunched up newspaper

  • Add Stokers Kindling

  • Add your main fuel

    Sticks, logs, coal etc

  • Light fire




Features & Details

  • 9kg of air and oven dried kindling

  • Clean reliable and rapid

  • Less than 12% moisture content

  • Ideal for lighting an open fire, stove, log burner, fire pit etc

  • Slender pieces easy light

  • Sacks and boxes approximately 9kg





Contact Information

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Stokers Kindling

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